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"We're going to cycle to Hong Kong"

Donations are now multiplied with 1.5 through Wilde Ganzen


Hi there we are Max and Sam and we like cycling.
So from the 21th of August 2021 until we make it to Hong-Kong we will be cycling from Maastricht (Netherlands) to Hong-Kong. We're doing this to raise money for the the barrios (slums) in Medellin (Colombia). All proceeds will go DIRECTLY to the charity's bank account (more info in the donate tab). The way we will tackle this monster 15000km (9300 miles) journey is by cycling 100 km (60 miles) every day until we are in Hong-Kong.

As said the reason for this journey is not just for us to have a nice ride, it is to raise €150.000 ($183.000) for Fundacíon caminos and Feed the Barrios. Fundacíon caminos is a Medellin based charity organisation that helps the local youth by providing schooling, cultural- and sports activities. Feed the Barrios is a humanitarian project that feeds those who cannot feed themselves and is just like Fundacíon caminos based in Medellin.

If we manage to hit this 100 km mark every day we would be in Hong-Kong by the end of January. However, the end of April is probably more realistic as there will be about one-million things that will cause a delay. 

If you are interested in the project, would like to make a donation, want to learn more about me or want to have a chat hit the corresponding button in the banner above.


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Every euro/ dollar counts. Below it is shown what impacts certain donations have.
All numbers are rough estimates as prices tend to heavily fluctuate. 

Food relief

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- € 5.57 enough to feed a family for 4 days
- € 40 feeds a family for a whole month.




- € 1200 enough to fund 1 year of studying for one local student.
- € 50000 a much needed new school building allowing the standard to change from not getting an education to getting educated.

- € 9000 a new sports field that will allow about 6000 people to have a healthier lifestyle.
- € 25000 an upgraded sports field with changing- and shower facilities.

€ 150.000 all of the above

The route will take us through 16 countries. Starting in the Netherlands the journey will go through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and finally China. The part between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan will be travelled by boat.

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