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Fietsen Hermans:


The sponsoring:
Tom Hermans,  founder and co- owner of Hermans fietsen kindly offered to lend his own Koga Randonneur for our journey. Not only will  we be using his bike we can also borrow the panniers, his tent and Tom is currently searching his network for another bicycle that we can use for our journey.

About Fietsen Hermans:

Back in 2002 Tom started his bicycle shop from his parents' bacement in Leuven (Belgium). Two years later Tom's shop moved out of the bacement and into the building in which it to this day is located. Along the way Tom partnered with Kevin who came in as an intern and now is co-owner of Fietsen Hermans. Today Fietsen Hermans is one of the official Koga distributors and is an institute of quality.


The fact that Fietsen Hermans is an institute of quality shows by the fact that they are the only bikeshop in the BeNeLux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg) that has the official title of  'Craftsman'. This official title has led to them supply to some very special people icluding the Belgian royals. The titles and high end clients made Tom realise even more that cycling should be for everyone. This is why Fietsen Hermans collaborates with multiple charities and is sponsor of Paralympian handbiker Carmen Koedood.


Besides helping other people Fietsen Hermans believes in helping the environment. This shows in their prize for 'Best Craftsmen of Belgium' and 'jury favorites' as most sustainable and ethical craftsmen of Belgium.


All in all Fietsen Hermans in a bike specialist that has become an institute of quality and a sho that is trying to make this planet a better place. For more information about Fietsen Hermans visit their website via the button below.


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