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Raising €150.000 is not the goal of this project, the goal is to make the Barrios in Medellín more self-sustainable.

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Achieve the aim

Making the Barrios more sustainable will be done by implementing three steps. These steps are all based on the saying ''give someone a fish and they are fed for a day, teach someone how to fish and they can feed themselves for life''. The saying grasps the essence of making something sustainable but misses a few key parts. 

Firstly immediate food relief will still be needed, as a hungry person cannot learn new skills. This food relief will remain the first step to create a better place to live. This is why the continuation of the work of Feed the Barrios  is essential.

Secondly, there is the teaching of new skills. For these Fundacíon caminos comes into play.Currently the standard for youngsters in Medellín is not to go to school. By making it possible to go to school and study there will be new role models and this standard will change.

Finally, there is the need for unwinding after school, relaxing with friends and being physically active. The sports field will allow many people to pick up a healthier lifestyle. Not only will people be healthier they will also have a place to gather and strengthen the community away from the everyday slur.

Back to the fish saying. We can feed people, teach them valuable skills and have them strengthen their community. This is how the barrios will not just be a place where the most vulnerable survive but will be a place where peaple can thrive and be self-sufficient in the long run. Hopefully you can contribute to helping the people of Medellín.

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