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Feed the Barrios is a humanitarian project that provides food relief to the most vulnerable communities of Medellín (Colombia). All donated money goes straight to the purchase of food. This is done by separating logistical costs from public donations and cooperation with local food wholesalers.


Why Feed the Barrios:

Once I learnt that I would not be able to start my degree in September the idea of doing something that will make a difference rose quickly. But it was one of my oldest friends Mees Liedekerken who provided me with a purpose for a trip. Mees left for his minor in Medellin (Colombia) in September 2020 and quickly fell in love with the country. When Covid-19 struck the world Mees decided to stay and make a change in the community rather than flee back to the Netherlands. So when I decided that I wanted to raise money for a good cause it was a no-brainer when choosing which good cause it was going to be for.

As said Mees and I go way back. Here is a photo of us having a splash photo back in 2007.


Fundacíon caminos focusses on educating children and having them be physically active. There are multiple projects through which they achieve these goals. Examples of projects are the music-, footballschool and the English lessons offered to children from their area in Medellín.

Why Fundacíon caminos:

Once the project started to develop and plans became more serious it bacame clear that it was a bit much for just Mees and Sam to organise every aspect of the journey, raising the money and using the money. Fundacíon caminos is a long partner of Feed the Barrios and is run by a great of Dutch people. These factors made them the perfect partner as their views perfectly align with the plan we have.


Feed the Barrios feeds the most vulnerable people in the city of Medellin.


Fundacíon caminos/ Straatkinderen Medellín

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