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Many ways to help.

When you decide to make a donation to our cause we want to make it as easy as possible.

That is why we have multiple channels through which donations can be made.
Check out which one suits your donation best !
The donated money will go to the bank account of Straatkinderen Medellin or Fundación Caminos. Those are the dutch and English/Colombian names of the same organisation.

Nederlandse donaties:

Donation tracker:

The donations will be updated weekly


4500 / 150.000 Euro

Nederlandse donaties kunnen ook via iDeal.

Nederland NL54 ABNA 0864 3546 57

Ten name van: Straatkinderen Medellin
Beschrijving: Biking for the Barrios

International donations:

If you are not from the Netherlands you'll probably want to be using something else than Tikkie or iDeal.

Our options are:



Directly to our Colombian bank account:


Cuenta de ahorros 07257845286

Fundación CAMINOS


NIT: 900.322.298-4

If you want to help us out with gear or in any other way please send an email to:


Donate gear:

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