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First steps

A lot of firsts in the past few weeks. First donation, first posts on social media, first talks with sponsors, first rejection of potential sponsors, first time training together and many more. The reactions we have received to our plans have been overwhelming and make us even more excited to get started on both cycling and putting the raised money in the right places.

During our first training together we realised that we will probably cycle a lot more than is necessary on our journey due to our poor attention to distances and road signs. We were at the highest point in the Netherlands, 322,4 meters above sea level (still pretty low) when we decided to take a right into Belgium and expected to be

home in about half an hour. This was when we got slightly lost and had to cycle another 15 to 20km more than initially planned. Since things like this are already happening in our backyard we can be sure there are loads more unexpected adventures and kilometers ahead of us. A good GPS system should make sure situations like this will not occur that often...

Besides physically preparing ourselves we've also been busy improving our network. We have designed and ordered Biking for the Barrios stickers and are very excited to be showing them as soon as we receive them.

We have decided that everyone making a donation of €50 or more will receive a sticker as a form of gratitude.

At the time this blog is being written we have collected €1039/ €150.000 through various channels. This number is growing every day and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to reaching this amount!

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