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Sigle digit days

Only 9 days until departure. It has been a very busy time and we have been very inactive on this blog. Since our last update loads has happened. We spent a lot of time and money on making sure we have all the needed gear. We were very lucky to receive a discount at Bever and to get the trekking bikes sponsored by Fietsen Hermans. Currently a our first YouTube video on what we're bringing is in the making so people can see what we bring and can be inspired when preparing for their own journey.

Picking up the bike.

Besides getting our gear ready we're also getting ourselves ready. In the past few weeks we've each been cycling at least 50km. The training took it's toll on Sam's knee, inflammation of the Patella tendon. And he is now in treatment for this and luckily still on schedule to be leaving on the 21st.

Working hard in the gym.

Next to the preparations there is the fundraising for Fundacíon Caminos and Feed the Barrios. The donation count has been rising rapidly in the past few weeks and now stands on approximately €2800. We're hoping that the donations will explode after we leave and start putting more and more footage online but really hope to surpass the €3000 mark before leaving so if you haven't donated and want to make a difference don't hesitate!!! In order to boost the donations Sam has decided to cut his hair in a certain way depending on donations. There will be 5 options and you can donate to decide the hairstyle. The hairstyle with most donations will then be cut.

Images below are what the haircuts would look like:

Cut 1: Mullet man Cut 2: Let the hairdresser freestyle

Cut 3: Funky colour Cut 4: Buzz cut

Cut 5: Donate more than any of the pre-chosen cuts gathered and choose your own haircut.

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